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Our mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome kittens and cats in Auckland.
Have you spotted stray cats or kittens?
Need to borrow a humane cat trap?
We receive many enquiries about stray cats or kittens and have a small team of rescue volunteers who do their best to respond to them.

Email our rescue team for more details on how we can help!

Most strays or abandoned pets we take in have been living rough on the streets. This means they may be malnourished, flea-ridden, or in poor health. 
With the help of amazing volunteers who foster and care for these kittens and cats, we help rehabilitate them to become healthy and happy.
**Please note rescue are unable to take cats for rehoming or unsocialised stray cats due to limited foster homes available
We can help desex cats if youre able to keep feeding 
You can post your cat's on this facebook group

NZ HERALD contacted Pet Whisperer Rescue and 9 Lives about the boom in stray cat population and getting them desexed since the COVID pandemic came along.

The struggles are real - we're all full and having to turn away dozens daily due to vet bills climbing with so many sick or injured. A litter of kittens would come in with severe flu, some lose an eye, some lose their battle. Those that got better would get desexed and could still be in our care for more than 3 months.longer.

We rely solely on donations and grants to keep going. We need more volunteers to help foster the sick and injured. The passion and love for rescuing has been dimming its light this season after what we're dealt with.

Newshub has also posted the article in addition to the vet shortage issues


If you can help donate toward our costs even just $5

If you can help foster, especially the sick or timid kittens, please fill in our volunteer form here.

Would you like to sponsor a kitten?

We post on here kittens, cats & rabbits available for name sponsorship ($40) which helps covers cost of flea, worm and food for a month and you get naming rights plus fortnightly update posts
To name a kitten please PM us the number, to view click below 
Sponsor here

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