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Have you spotted stray cats or kittens?

Found a lost pet?

Your cat has escaped and need a trap to catch?

Need to borrow a cat/small animal humane trap? 

We are called daily about stray pets from all over Auckland, and numbers are growing and tripled in 2021. Most are usually trapped or picked up from residential and commercial sites by our rescue team or by the public.

Many cats that are found are likely to be lost from their home or have been abandoned when people move.  If a cat is lost its usually 50-500 metres from its home so helping it get back home is important by checking if microchipped at a vet and placing ads on and on facebook lost and found pages.

Majority of rescue we do and take in are fostered and rehomed.  If a wild cat is being looked after and fed by member of public we can assist with desex and return to that site.

***PLEASE NOTE:: - As we are a small rescue we have very limited traps to hire out to public.  Please contact us first to check if any available.

We can lend to you for $15 donation fee per week.  


​​Help make a difference and sign up
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Fill in the form with what you can do to help and which animals you would like to help if you want to foster.


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