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Form for advertised pets only

-Adoptions are by appointment only at fosters home throughout Auckland or at HQ (which is in Hillsborough). Most of the time at the weekend only unless they are available sooner

-It's first in first served for the appointments, but not for the kitties - it will always be the kittens/cats who choose who adopts them and if your home life/environment is best suited for them. 
-If you want to make an appointment, you can fill in form stated and we will contact you back.  Please whitelist/save our email 

-Each appointment is for 20mins and is exclusively for one person/family/group at a time for that kitten. During this time you hang out with the kittens and see who bonds with you. If any kitty makes it clear they love you then your adoption will be approved - if they're a timid kitty it may not be so obvious, but I will know from their behaviour if they love you or not. 

-It's important that all members of your household come along for the adoption appointment; whether that be just you, you and you flatmates, or you and your 7 kids - to have the best match it's best the entire household meet the kitties.  It’s best to not bring people who don’t live in your household as this could affect which kitties show themselves to you.

If you don't arrive for your appointment, or if you cancel at the last minute, we dont reschedule!  Sorry, Yes your time is important - but so is ours.

-All kitties have been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, health checked, and are up to date with flea and worm treatments.  
-There’s an adoption fee which goes toward covering their costs. 

-If there's no purrfect match on the day, don't worry - we will have more another time that ay be a better match

**Please state animals name.  Any applications using above form for 'a kitten' etc will not be responded due to the large number of adoption enquiries sorry**

Info for Adopting

- Kittens arent advertised until they are over 1kg (9-12 weeks), rabbits about 5 months when they can be safely desexed and adults when either finished nursing or recovered from any illnesses. 

-We are not taking pre adoption/expression of interest of any kittens/cats/bunnies until we can advertise them.  They can have health issues during that time, may not survive or people simple dont want to wait until theyre ready and find another sooner **

-We ask everyone adoption criteria questions about your home environment so that we can match the right pet to your needs and home.  Eg a timid kitten is not suitable for a busy household with lots of noise etc.  Some may need inside homes etc due to their health, eye removed etc..

Due to the overwhelming demand for pets, we may get 20 messages for one kitten.  There will many others suitable for you home so please be patient


​COVID-19 info for adoption viewings

-For best safety practice it is important that when a booking a viewing with any animal the following questions are answered before arrival to premises:
1. Are they feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
2. Do they, or has someone they have had contact with, have a confirmed case of COVID-19 or self isolating?
3. Are they, or is someone they have had contact with, currently undergoing testing for COVID-19 and awaiting test results?
4. Have they recently returned from overseas?
If YES to any of these questions, they can not visit the animal until its a NO to all questions


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